Getting organised 1.0

There are some people who will tell you that a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind.

They could be right.

The desktop of my computer is a shambles. I have the scattered remains of dozens of projects. PDF's of articles and documents sent to clients, downloaded from the web or student files I have marked are scattered everywhere. It has finally driven me bonkers.

I have resolved to de-clutter. I shall commit to having a zen garden of a desktop. Everything shall be delivered its proper place. I will be calmer and more in the moment (which I am not when I am shuffling through files, wondering where I put something).

My habit is to hastily name things - like cutlery_1.jpg then forget what project it was associated with. So step one in my new accord with myself is to give every document a logical name. The measure will be: if my assistant was looking for a file while I am on holiday in Bali will she be able to locate it quickly?

Ok, so I don't have an assistant and Bali isn't on the cards anytime soon - bt the principle is a good one - don't you think.

Now, where did I put....


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