Monumental thinking

Art should turn your ideas on their head - shouldn't it?
I'm a fan of the website 'Around the World' that features photos of monumental and public sculpture from around the world. Some are witty (laugh out loud funny even) and surprising.

I'd like to see more in Auckland. There is a statue of Auckland's iconoclastic mayor Sir Dove Myer Robinson. It is placed by the town hall in Aotea Square. Robbie, as he was known, was a great advocate for a rapid transport system in Auckland. Instead we got motorways and short sighted local politicians who are driven by demands for lower rates (i.e. no investment). I remember hearing someone on the radio, an expert from Perth in Australia on public transport, saying that trying to solve the problem of traffic congestion by building more motorways is like trying to cure obesity by loosening your belt.

I have one comment to make about the Robbie Sculpture.

Yes, he was a little man. But he was a Collossus.

The statue should have been monumental. 10x zoom. Not like a Burger King Simpsons kiddie meal toy.

Thinking small is petty.


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