Yellow Submarine iPod...Apple's little Yoko?

There's chatter on the wires about the possibility of Apple launching a Yellow Submarine edition of the iPod - supposedly pre-loaded with the Bealtes' albums.

I wonder if this is a strange distraction for the Apple brand? The iPhone is cool though my ardour has cooled since I first heard about it (pointless giving it headspace in New Zealand anyway).

A Yellow Sub iPod is just sad and irrelevant - sort of like Paul McCartney really. I realise that Steve Jobs likes the Beatles a lot and I agree some of their songs were ok, but they are over and out...let it be.

Nasty cash-in line extensions are not - repeat not
cool. Where would it all end? A Barbie iPod/iMac/iPhone? Hello Kitty…? I think you get my point.

Part of Apple's coolness is that they do their own thing - their own way (putting aside the aberration of the U2 iPod).

Put an end to this nonsense now. Have you run out of ideas? I'd be a starter for an Apple video camera or other consumer electronics - integrate some of the screen and navigation technology from the iPhone. How about a remote control that integrates with media systems using the iPhone screen technology or a handheld TV that recieves broadcast signals...anything...but hold the co-branding and merchandising.


  1. Anonymous8:18 am

    Some peopple think the Beatles are overplayed, but they deserve any air time they get and a ipod with the Beatles pre loaded, that's great! The beatles were way ahead of their time as far as recording music and trying new things and when listening to their music in the right state of mind lol things start to make sense. Anyway I want that ipod!


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