Cross Pollination in Design

Aprilia Motorcycle by Philipe Starcke
Philippe Starcke designed this bike. Aprilia made it. Ages ago.
You have to love cross pollination.

If you come across one for sale. Let me know.

What other things were designed by outsiders? Didn't Marc Newson, designer of the Lockheed Lounge just design the front bit of a spaceship?

Lockheed Lounge by Marc Newson


  1. Mark Newsom just did the Qantas First Class Lounge. Looked great in all the style mags, but dissapointing in the flesh. Actually the lounge was OK, the service was crap.

    I think he's done some clothing designs for Dutch denim label G-Star too.

  2. Anonymous10:00 am

    The last time I saw one of these Aprilias was about a year ago, at Mount Eden Motorcycles. It wasn't being promoted as anything special, indeed looked as though it hadn't been particularly well looked after. Which isn't much use to you now, but proves there's still the odd one about.

  3. Yes I saw that one for sale. It was a little tatty and quite expensive.
    There was another that used to float around Ponsonby/Grey Lynn - ridden by a dude in stubbies and jandals.


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