The New Church of Chocolate

My friend Toni Church has bought a business called Serious Brownee. As the name suggests if you are serious about chocolate brownies then you're going to be in for a treat. Toni is seriously on top of the product. She is a total foodee.

I visited her while she was trialling recipes.

Wow. No…WOW!

If you like chocolate you will be in love with this stuff.

It all seemed good to me but Toni's mum Philipa is also a foodee - she owned the insane and insanely popular Caluzzi restaurant on Auckland's K' Road (probably the only theatre restaurant anybody really likes the food at - book months ahead. Bring an open mind.) Together they were working through the samples they had baked, making notes, discussing each one like wine connoisseurs reveling in a selection of kiwi Pinot Noir.

This is going to be good. I am working with Toni to think through the marketing. When you check out the current site you'll see what I mean. But don't let the home-made look hold you back from ordering home or office delivered slices of Heaven.

Order for yourself, for colleagues, clients...something really different and (literally) sensational - apparently chocolate releases endorphins - like sex.

Try Serious Brownee. It's fun and very different. Ignore the design of the website - we're working on it.

(BTW - I don't recommend things I don't believe in - oh, and there is nothing in it for me - other than your enjoyment.)


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