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Have you seen the latest publishing venture from Wallpaper magazine founder Tyler Brule? Monocle bills itself as a 'briefing on global affairs, business, culture & design'. I like it. Monocle defies the conventions of mainstream magazine design. Think Harvard Business review meets, well…Wallpaper.

The layout is curiously formal. I like the typography - it is classic and restrained - speaking of which the designer has resisted the urge to go nuts with Illustrator and Photoshop.

The current issue is themed around 'Pedal Politics - a global survey of bicycle culture and commerce. Sounds dry? It is and it isn't. Hard to explain. Pick up a copy and form an opinion for yourself. Odds on it will be a more informed opinion by the time you're done.

graph from Monocle magazine

New Zealand wobbles onto the pages - and not in a good way.


  1. I've just finished a Monocle article about telecoms in Korea. A real eye opener.

    Kevin Roberts wrote a short piece about monocle a couple of months ago. I'm sure you can find it with Google.

  2. I was interested to read what Mr Roberts thought of it but his blog doesn't have a search function that I can see - don't read too much into that I'm blind as a bat.

    I loaned the first issue to a friend who is a lawyer. She didn't like it. Determined that it was militaristic and pretentious. No to former; probably to latter.


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