Easy Rider

I bought a clunker motorcycle - an R65 BMW - old, needs some love. Hope to have it in good shape for summer. I must be insane. Not for buying a bike. They make perfect sense (even if, as I write, howling winds have meant that motorcycles are banned from the Auckland Harbour Bridge. I think a couple were blown over this evening - which doesn't surprise me I saw a bus' engine cover flap wildly before being distracted by a RAV 4's spare wheel cover flying off and striking a VW Passat. On the same journey the right turn indicator on my Volvo was knocked into oblivion by flying debris on the North Western motorway…so, yeah a bike sounds like fun).

I haven't had a proper bike for a while - the last one I had was a 600SS Ducati - I won't count the Vespa 150 as proper bike - though it was terrific fun. Might need to get me a helmet now. Some gloves...I knew there was something I hate about bikes - paraphernalia.

I have always wanted an old boxer twin. An R80 would have been better but this will do so I can have my little Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenence moment.

It has to be shipped up from Akaroa so I won't see it for a few days.

Before I forget. There are a few days left of the school holidays. If you have kids and are in Auckland go to the Art Gallery. They have a terrific craft area set up. Make what you like - materials all supplied and free. We like free (and not having to clean up after). Better still, to tie in with the holiday movie The Bridge to Teribithea the gallery will give you a free pass for a child when you buy an adult ticket. The only downside was that I had to watch the movie...but that's just me. All that sentiment...It was filmed in New Zealand. There is a scene supposedly in the museum but actually in the gallery where you will cut out shapes and glue stuff next to the very same Bruegel shown in the movie. That's kind of cool.


  1. I remember when I was a lad, tootling around on my Honda CB100, I always thought BMW bikes looked so futuristic. No they just look cool. Enjoy!


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