When Did Macaroni Become “Pasta?”

This from an email newsletter I enjoy called the Monday Morning Memo:

David Freeman asked the question. It seemed to emerge from nowhere.

Tuscan Hall was filled with executives from the largest food companies in the world. He was in the midst of unveiling 2 new methods for accelerated branding when he stopped in mid-sentence and asked, “When did Macaroni become ‘Pasta?’”

Then, without waiting for an answer, he continued what he’d been saying. The audience, absorbed in what David was teaching, forgot his non sequitur within the span of 3 adrenaline-fueled heartbeats.

For me, it was just another glimpse into the inner dialogue of a strange and wonderful friend.

I answered David in my mind. “Macaroni became ‘pasta’ on the same day the hobo became ‘the homeless,’ the trailer house became the ‘mobile home’ and stock-car racing became ‘NASCAR.’”

It would appear we’ve chosen to celebrate the mundane, elevate the ordinary and idolize the average.

I guess struggling for excellence was just too hard.

If that's not a ThoughtSpur, I don't know what is.

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