I'm a little teapot

He rants. He raves. He paints teapots.

I spend so much time using the computer that it is nice to play in other ways.
I've actually sold a couple to friends and given others away (If you'd like one they are $125 (NZD).
Send me an email to discuss the kind of thing you'd like for yours.

People seem to like them and making them lowers my monumental blood pressure.

(I've decided every story should have a 'moral' - like Scrubs or Dougie Howser MD...Aesop's fables even).

It's important to have an interest outside of the work you normally do.

If you are engaged in creative work for a living going outside of your normal realm is a way of refreshing - recreation. Advertising people who flip through advertising award books run the risk of working in ever decreasing circles. The same goes for design.


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