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I can't remember the last time that I saw an interesting ad in a newspaper. Truthfully this one escaped me but I saw it on the creative circle blog. Funny. Sure to lock up some gongs. Why is the image of a visitor in jail emerging as one of those advertising scenarios that pop up with a certain frequency.

Ah the joys of good talent and deft direction - even after seeing the dénouement numerous times I still laugh. Now that's the kind of advertising I like - something with a a reward for my attention.

There is a commercial for Steinlager 'Pure' beer on TV at the moment that I feel a little ambivalent towards. Initially I was interested - Harvey Kietel is the talent he delivers a soliloquy about New Zealand - Anti nuclear…first to give vote to women…taking a stand against genetic modification…clumsy direction with randomised surreal backdrops. Reminded me of the commercial for a credit card featuring the actor Lance Henriksen in a reprise of his role in the TV show Millennium. Didn't really think that worked well either. Shoehorning doesn't really work for me. Steinlager seems to being wagged by its research again - trying to define 'New Zealandness' - even down to mimicking the tourism 100% Pure idea. Harvey Keitel appeared in The Piano but, other than that I don't see the connection. Perhaps research threw him up as the embodiment of masculinity for men of 'a certain age'.


  1. I guess they went for Harvey K because the two obvious Kiwis, Sam Neill and Russell Crow, were too busy pretending to be Aussies.


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