Career Opportunities

While I was driving my daughter to her netball game she was goofing around - talking through her clenched teeth. I asked her what she was doing. 'Ing mwacktshing alking i'ough ouing uy ee....". Translation: ""I am practicing talking without moving my lips."

The obvious question was then 'Why?'. She proudly announced that she intends to become a ventriloquist when she grows up. You have to admire the certainty of a seven year old.

Standing in the rain watching the team getting slaughtered by their midget opponents I couldn't help muse on Zoe's career choice. Are there any universities offering courses?

Is it such a bad ambition. In reality ventriloquism isn't so different from my own career path. For years I spoke on behalf of clients on television and in print - advertising is the talking dummy of business.

It was just one of those funny little moments but it does raise a serious question in my mind. How do we deal with the choices our kids make for their futures? I've never really given it much consideration. Till now.

Before I get too concerned I'll think about the success of Cirque du Soleil and JK Rowling. I'd rather my kids were involved in enterprises with an edge than becoming accountants or stockbrokers (not that I have anything against those occupations - its just that I don't think you should have to become a cop to have a more interesting work story.


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