It's a man's life

...but that's not holding Helen Medlyn back. Talented and entrepreneurial Auckland singer/entertainer (cabaret, opera, name it) is performing her one man show Hell Man at the Aotea Centre's Herald Theatre. Helen always puts on terrific performance. In this one she plays as Jack the Lad. Book some tickets here. Should be a great night out.

From the blurb:

One man on a one-night stand. Loving, losing, hot touches, cold kisses, mystery, mistakes, leavings, takings, dreams, desires, laughter, lechery. Restraining her ‘outstanding attributes’, the curvy diva is “he”.

With songs by Bob Dylan, Stephen Sondheim, James Taylor, John Ritchie, Billy Joel, Tom Lehrer, George Frideric Handel, Irving Berlin, Mac Davis and Frank Loesser.


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