4 hours of fame

warhol and billy apple
Went to my first film festival show today - Andy Warhol (a documentary). It was a really interesting film. Long though. Two parts. Many of the audience left halfway through because the credits rolled before a brief intermission. I can't remember the last time I saw a film with a half time.

Warhol was an interesting character. Like Hockney - with whom he was friends- and Picasso he was a prolific worker even after the failed attempt to murder him.

I think my favourite parts of the film were comments from Warhol himself. For example the idea that to succeed one must 'ignore the centre - go to the edge, then make it the new centre...'

The interview that ended the first half was hilarious. A serious arty chap was trying to ask Warhol serious, arty questions. Warhol thinks about the convoluted question then says "I don't know what to say. Tell me the answer and I'll say it for you..."

The other precious moment was an interview with Andy after he had completed his first sculpture exhibition. The interviewer asks if he thinks creating a painterly reproduction of a shipping pack for Brillo pads is very original. In his classically Warholian deadpan he admit that it isn't but that it's easier for him that way. Brill.

Order a copy of the Andy WarholDVD if you can't make to the festival screenings


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