Don't Rock The Boat - Sink It

At the risk of getting a little in-bred here is a clip of some good old fashioned 'in' jokes. Actually they border on old chestnuts but it funny all the same. Thanks to Stan Lee (again).

I was thinking about the representation of advertising in media - How about these:

Darren, the harried husband of Samantha in the classic American sitcom Bewitched. Derwood seemed to always be fretting over an account. It was hard to work out whether he was a creative or a suit. He spent a lot of time kissing up to his boss, the agency founder

It's hard to go past Dudley Moore's performance in Crazy People. He goes a little nuts, makes ads that tell the truth and loads of laffs ensue...

My favourite is the Richard E. Grant in How To Get Ahead in Advertising (I know I've featured this clip before but it is genuinely worth it.


Mel Gibson in What Women Want is hapless (nice apartment though).

And finally check out the antiquated Putney Swope: Great quotes

"Rockin' the boat's a drag. You gotta sink the boat! "

Commercial Narrator: "Jim Keranga of Watts, California is eating a bowl of Ethereal Cereal, the heavenly breakfast. Jim, did you know that Ethereal has 25% more riboflavin than any other cereal on the market? Ethereal also packs the added punch of .002 ESP units of pectin!"
Jim Keranga (grinning): "No shit."

It's like a prototype for Family Health Diary

It's amazing that anyone would want to work in advertising at all.

For what its worth, though I have seen and heard (and probably done) some daft things over the years since I started working in advertising but I've never seen a film or TV show that comes close.


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