IQ measurement seems to me to be a complete waste of time and, although I teach at Massey University , I wouldn't regard a degree as any indication of ability - based on my observations in the real world. Having talent is situational.

Billy Connelly is a talented man - witty, intelligent and at the top of his game. If owning mansions or castles is your measure of success then successful he is. But read his biography (written by his Kiwi wife Pamela Stephenson - a psychologist) and you find he was born in poverty. He had minimal education (though I am sure he was granted an honorary doctorate from somewhere) and was abused terribly as a child. He became an alcoholic - though now he's clean and sober. So, there you go - the entire eugenics discussion is bollocks. There is no genuine indicator for leading a successful or productive life (though racism and bigotry have a funny way of getting in the way regardless - often deployed by the children of the wealthy and well educated)."

Billy by Pamela Stephenson - Order a copy from


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