A reeder rites

"And please utilise that spell check feature while you're at it!"

I posted an unfinished diatribe by mistake...oops...Just some arbitrary ideas about New Zealand's arty community's propensity to disappear up its own rectum and expect to be lauded for the act.

The post was unfinished and, rather than using the 'save now' button I used 'publish post'. Honest error.

As it happened I was thinking aloud about 'Eagle vs Shark' - which I have no opinion about other than wanting to see it because I liked Flight of the Conchords' act.

I had seen an interview on television with the director Taika Waititi for an American channel. In response to the slating the film has had from American critics he claims not to care because he really only 'made it for himself and a few of his mates'. That's fine but let's be sure that he doesn't expect public funding in the future if he doesn't respect the audience.

There are plenty of crap films made all the time - I think NZ must be one of the few places on our speck in the Universe that honoured them with a 'Crap Film Festival' (turning our lemons into lemonade).

The offending post, duly spell checked:

I'm utterly exhausted by New Zealandness.

Stop being to ironic.

Stop being 'cool'.

You're 40 years out date.

The reviews of Eagle vs Shark in the US have been less than 'rave'.

When the director was interviewed he said that he he didn't care.

He's made the movie to suit himself and a few of his friends.


...I've heard this kind of bullshit since the '80s

Stop pleasuring yourself.


Thinking about it - why not make your movies with a digicam and do a distribution deal with YouTube if you feel so louche about it all. Leave the resources to people with talent who genuinely care about their audience.

The product doesn't have to be Die Hard 4 - not that there is anything wrong with DH films, any more than there is anything wrong with DH Lawrence's books - but films are too expensive to make for conventional distribution if you want to be an 'artiste'. Andy Warhol made movies with a locked off 16mm Bolex and a tripod. They were interesting but hardly blockbusters. They didn't really make him any money but at least he paid for them out of his own pocket - and the on-camera talent was free.

Cost of this post: nothing.

BTW: Ben, check the spelling of 'utilise'- I'm getting a red underline ;-)


  1. Anonymous11:34 am

    David - thanks for taking my comment in good spirits, I'm a pedant but it's just one of my many foibles

    re utilise - is your software is set to US spelling perchance?


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