Bill Hammond for the Birds

The Painter Bill Hammond is psychoanalysed and then dissected on the arts show ArtVille which made a reappearance on the tele tonight.

Ironically the Huia, a now extinct bird, has a featured role in the show. They are like the bird heads on the famous Penguin Cafe Orchestra album covers (my favourite of their albums is Preludes Airs And Yodels.

The item was almost as interesting for its weird style. The presenter overlays his report about Hammond with the break-up of his marriage and family. Just plain weird. And ever so slightly unnecessary.

As for Hammond's pictures…I like them.

Footnote. Why 'ironically' the Huia featured? Blowed if I know. I suppose it was just interesting. I did not know that extinct birds get kept in drawers. Rows and rows of them of all kinds. Perhaps they'd have had more of a chance if they weren't being so vigorously filed away for future reference.

Ok. Twittering over.


  1. Anonymous7:53 am

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  2. Thanks Porch-man. Sometimes I wonder why I bother. I'm sure crack addicts feel the same way. So your feedback is welcome. Tell a friend.


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