What is art? And Why?

Visited the Auckland Museum today. BMW has brought four of their 'Art Cars' to New Zealand. As an unsuccessfully recovering petrol head, former owner of a lovely BMW 3.0csi (1975 - manual - will scrounge around for a picture to upload) and recently revived fan of Andy Warhol I had to go and have a look. The fact that it is a free exhibit pushed the attraction over the line from should-do to no-brainer and some thing to bring as many guests as I could persuade.

The second benefit of the attending the display is that it permits Aucklanders to experience the top level of the renovations recently completed at the Museum. Mostly it is closed to the public but the top floor affords a unique, panoramic view of the city and surrounds. Drag your children along for that. Other than the summit of Mt Eden or the top of the Sky Tower I doubt there is a better vantage point.

I like the idea of the Art Cars. It says a great deal about BMW as a brand that they are also patrons of the arts and, possibly, that design isn't simply a cynical marketing component or a matter of engineering utility. It placates the stereotype of Germanic efficiency at all costs. If you doubt that then check out the sloppy, thick paintwork as executed on the brutally efficient looking BMW M1 painted by Andy Warhol.

For what is worth, my favourite painting is the Warhol (M1). My favourite car the 3.0 CSL painted by Frank Stella.


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