Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Do you ever get the some people aren't really individuals, but clusters of people all rolled into to one. They seem to accomplish so much that it impossible that, for them, there are only 24 hours in a day?

I was just reading Seth Godin's blog on my Sage RSS feeder. The guy is amazing. He pumps out books and blogs, he invents Internet businesses like Squidoo... he's a polymath and still finds the time to shave his head every day. I have trouble shaving my spartan beard everyday and by 3.30 n the afternoon I am usually ready for a nap.

It was Seth's post on the subject of Squidoo itself that caught my attention. Squidoo facilities people who want to share their expertise or interest in a subject. I have registered a few lenses myself, but haven't really had the time or inclination to make then half as useful as they should be. As utility is one of the cornerstones of the good web there doesn't seem much point in putting stuff online that serves no purpose. Even ThoughtSpurs has an intention - to get you thinking - though sometimes you might simply be left wondering...

He talks about how it has taken three years for Squidoo to get any kind of altitude and likens its progress to that of an albatross, with a very long take off at a high level of efficiency once the wind and wings have accomplished lift. Three years to be an overnight success.

The post made me wonder about how some ideas take off with a bang but then plummet to earth on descent that rivals the ascent for velocity and excitement, burned out and, ultimately a wreckage. Others never leave the ground, their design fatally flawed (like the Bonney who, if I might continue with the aviary theme, was so convince that seagulls were the n'est plus ultra for flight design, promptly engineered an aircraft that mimicked the bird's shape and then killed himself with it on its maiden flight-maiden crash).

Maybe a Squidoo lens about wacked flight ideas...?


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