Friday, December 05, 2008

It takes all sorts…I guess…

scary female bodybuilder photo
scary female bodybuilder photo

scary female bodybuilder photo

scary female bodybuilder photo

Somethings just don't 'make my pants want to get up and dance'. I am sure that the women in the pictures are happy with how they look, even if they don't look happy. What is it that makes people want to become part of subcultures like body building?

When I was a kid I felt high levels of affinity with the punk scene. For a short time I had a Mohican haircut - not the impressive spiky kind popularised by tourist photos in London in the early 80s - more yer Joe Strummer in Rock the Kasbah - not flash. But, for a time I thought it was cool. I would hitch hike across the Auckland Harbour Bridge to attend classes. Some people would stop just to talk to the freak without hair - after I shaved off the strip. In those days voluntary baldness was far less common than it is today.

The search for identity is a strong driver, whether you are a punk, a bodybuilder or a lawn bowler. We all want to fit in and stand out in some way.

Sometimes brands fulfill that tug too. It is well documented that some Harley Davidson owners love their machines because other folks hate them. So middle class, middle aged chaps can feel like outsiders in chaps. I'd argue that men in leather chaps is probably sufficiently sub-culturish enough without the crappy motorcycles (HDs are gothicly, comically overpriced rubbish). My comments are reinforcement of the thesis in the book Primal Branding: Create Zealots for Your Brand, Your Company and Your Future by Patrick Hanlon (Use link to order from Fishpond). The scorn of a PC user directed to Mac lovers only serves to reinforce the Mac user's devotion.

In the mean-time while there is a strange charm to the photos above, I'm with Murderburger - "If these girls were naked I’m not sure it would actually even be porn."

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  1. Anonymous1:57 am

    tios is horrible!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous4:04 pm

    What makes you want to look like monsters? It like self mutilation, what you have done to your bodies. Im feel so sorry as a woman that you have rejected your natural shape and really not just because your women it look just as bizarre when men push the limit too. It must be so overwhelming for you to be so compelled and driven to do that to your body. You work so hard to look like that and and people look at you like a freak. It makes no sense its not like people that are born with some defect that makes people stair you actually spent years of your life working hard to get that reaction from people. In the end if your happy thats all that matters (even though I don't think that someone truly happy destroys there bodies) I just pray that none of you were forced or pressured into doing this to yourself. My heart goes out to you and your families.

  3. Anonymous8:37 am

    Beauty is subjective. I would like to add that I am grateful to live in a world where their are people bold enough to push boundaries everyday and as a result expand our own personal freedoms. While this is something I personally would not do, it is not anyone's place to pitty or look down on someone who does. In our contemporary society what is "normal" has not only expanded but has transcended from the objective to the subjective.

    Aside from that, I highly doubt most people sitting in front of their computer right now have medically speaking "normal" bodies. Most of use probably have a higher-than normal body fat index as a result from our sedate lives among a host of other things I'm sure.


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