Dog Lovers...look away

Cheney Bush dog chipper gift

Watching The Daily Show with John Stewart is the most reliably funny thing on TV. This afternoon I took in the Dec 3 edition. Apparently Vice President Dick Cheney is giving his boss George W a puppy chipper for Christmas.

I can't believe I used to find the Late Show with David Letterman funny.

Another funny post about Cheney over on The Daily Beast taking a look at the decline of the use of Dick as a contraction of Richard and the etymology of the appellation.

When Richard B. Cheney moves out of One Observatory Circle on January 20, it will mark the much-anticipated end to an era of man-sized safes, undisclosed locations, and vice-presidential shooting sprees. Less remarked upon is the passing of another historically significant aspect of the 67-year-old veep’s identity: his name. In all likelihood, Cheney will be the last person to occupy such an august position in American life while answering to the increasingly awkward sobriquet “Dick.”
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