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Nice presentation about media (I've dropped the social handle because I think at some point the new way simply becomes the way. Media is media).

I completely agree with some of the thoughts, especially about avoiding the temptation to reinvent the wheel. In a meeting with a web company recently they suggested that the solution, or part of it it at least, was to build and iPhone app. I heard alarm bells. Not only was the target audience for the product older and unlikely to to be early adopters of technology but the market penetration of the iPhone in the New Zealand market (which is tiny itself) is tiny. The urge to 'create' is often skewed (If all you have is a hammer - every problem looks like a nail). My recommendation to colleagues was that we avoid spending money on a project that will deliver few returns and cost a considerable amount in cash and time. No fun, but what the heck - there's a recession, haven't you heard?


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