Monday, December 01, 2008

Eon Design Store Goes Belly-up

Bad news last week for local design (NZ) lovers and manufacturers. Eon Design has gone into receivership. The store recently opened a lavish flagship outlet in the Britomart precinct (see story about plans for energising the area as a creative centre for Auckland). Eager for bargains crowds flocked to pick over the heavily discounted stock.

Among the losers in the process will be small, artisan designer/manufacturers whose stock was stuck on the floor. Only a few were able to retrieve their goods instore on consignment before the receivers stepped in to put their wares on the block.

I predict it will be the first of many such retail failures. Keep an eye on Nest and Urban Loft - both have committed to large stores, selling high proced homewares. Urban Loft suffers doubly from a location without natural foot traffic flows.

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  1. Anonymous9:59 am

    i'd be less worried about nest and urban loft, nest sells a wider range of 'everyday' products at much lower prices, and if I remember correctly, urban loft is owned by briscoes who i'm sure have strategies (and savings) for this type of situation. both companies also probably actually own most of the stock they have on shelves?


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