Monday, December 29, 2008

Monique Rhodes & Jen Cloher rock

I have written often about my talented friend Monique Rhodes. Here is a clip from her appearance on Good Morning TV, here in New Zealand.

OK, now visit her site and order a copy of her debut album Awakening. If it's good enough for the Dalai llama then it's good enough for you. Also available on iTunes. Monique has been touring with the Kiwi icon Shona Laing to receptive audiences up and down the country. It is inspiring to have talented friends.

I met one of Monique's friends at her birthday bash last year, Jen Cloher, also a musician, based in Melbourne, Australia. Yesterday I heard her music for the first time. It was strange how it happened. Her picture popped up on my facebook page, on the right hand side, the real estate the Facebook people reserve to pester us with 'relevant' stuff, gleaned from the data we enter on the our profiles. So, I recognised Jen and was interested enough to follow the link down the rabbit hole. Ended up on her site. Listened to free tune, like it - bought the album from iTunes. Cut to later - that same day. I have been goofing around with iMovie (its the holidays) and had downloaded some footage from YouTube. I opened a file, which turned out to be the wrong one - footage from NASA of booster rockets being ejected from the space shuttle and tumbling back to earth, then splashing down in the ocean. As I watched the random footage I was intrigued by how perfectly it seemed to match the Song by Jen Cloher and The Endless Sea. As an experiment I decided to mash the audio and video together to see if it would be a convincing narrative/music video. It kind of works in a serendipitous way. I only trimmed the front of the footage and started the music at a point that wouldn't be too far from the end. See what happens when I have too much free time on my hands. What do you think - does it work?

I love the music, by the way; and buy the album on iTunes (It won an Aria award in Australia). What a double bill it would be to have these two women perform.

Monique Rhodes Website|Myspace

Jen Cloher and The Endless Sea Facebook | Myspace

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