Monday, December 08, 2008


I saw Deborah Hill-Cone's photo (centre) attached to her column in the New Zealand Herald. I thought a waggish picture editor had drawn on the specs as an April Fool joke that had gone on too long. Looking closely the glasses frame is, indeed, real. Comical, but real. It would seem that Ms Hill-Cone has made a bid to have signature glasses. Comedian George Burns and architect Robert Johnson also wore heavy, round glasses frames. For a while there Hill-Cone's co-columnist in Unlimited magazine Mike Hutecheson was seen sporting a mad pair of the same style.

Thinking of acquiring a set myself. Kidding, of course.

Interesting to think about how many people are famous for their glasses:
Elton John, John Lennon, The Guy in Blur, Dame Edna Everage, Roy Orbison come quickly to mind - but there could be others...I'm sure of it. I wonder if the growing use of Lasik surgery will end this noble (or daft) tradition.

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