Corker story

I am a huge fan of the book Cork on the Ocean by Mark Sommerset and illustrated by his wife Rowan. Mark is a regular at the Waiheke market where he mans his own stall talking, selling and signing his book.

Though the book is a kid's book, like the best children's literature and entertainment it accounts for the secondary market - the adults who have to read or watch with the child. Forget that principle and you are doomed.

The story of the cork has a number of nice ideas that resonate with my own philosophies. The screen grab above is one of them "For now you and I will travel as one...until you are ready to leave". When you've been married as often as me you know that vowing that some thing is forever is one of those intentions that are easier to say than do.

I don't want to give the game away but here is another line:

"My dear little fish, alone is a myth.
A cork and a sea makes two.
And nothing is lost if it is here
And here I am laughing with you."

I heartily recommend you order a signed copy to fill the Christmas stockings of the people you care about.

Visit the site to buy.


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