Monday, December 15, 2008

A re-orderly mind

the messy desk of david macgregor
Some people will tell you that you can tell a lot about someone from the relative order of their desktop. This is mine. Mildly chaotic. I suppose I am a case in point to illustrate the truth in the idea. I suppose I have never been a neatnik. I remember visiting the offices of Brian Richards, a brand consultant - design firm. It was a crisp, white Kubrick fantasy. Employees were forbidden from keeping personal items on their desks. When they went home at night desks had to be clear. Imagine the discipline that would take.

I like to be surrounded by stimulus, call them distractions if you will. The creative process involves joining existing things together in new ways. For that to happen you have to have plenty of raw material. I have been reading George Lois' latest book George Lois on His Creation of the Big Idea to review for Idealog magazine
Lois is something of an advertising legend, though his work designing conceptual covers for Esquire magazine is his most memorable work. Lois has conceived the book to illustrate the inspirations for his work: The odd couple with Jack Lemmon and Walter Mathau (Felix Unger and Oscar Madison) - inspire commercials for Braniff Airlines featuring conversation between irascible travelers.

Braniff with Andy Warhol and Sonny Liston:

The Odd Couple*

* Which seems strangely like the inspiration for Two and a Half Men

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