Luxury LeMinted edition chocolate brownies

A while back I designed the identity for my friend Toni's fledgling chocolate brownie business. She has been building it steadily and continues to have innovative flashes of inspiration - such as her latest - a limited edition mint fudge brownie for Christmas.

The wonderful thing about her product is that it is very much on-trend. The product is rich and well made. The packaging is beautiful (though, as the designer, I would say that) and a delight to receive - couriered to your door. Serious Brownee gifts are artisan, lovingly hand made like a Hermes bag - so they are rare; a luxury which is rare these days. For about the same price as a bunch of flowers you can send a thoughtful, unique gift that won't die.

If you are struggling for a personal or corporate gift idea my suggestion is that you get online or on the blower now. don't leave it too late - every order is custom made - you don't have the luxury of time.


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