Friday, December 05, 2008

I am not a paper cup. And neither am I.

Alrighty. So, you just grabbed a Free-Trade, Organic coffee from your local vendor in the belief that you are making the world a better place (rather than simply inducing a slightly buzzier internal world). Problem is your disposable paper cup and plastic sipper lid completely deletes any genuine global warm fuzz you might feel you have earned for choosing a liberal premium cup-o-joe.

Here's a possible solution for all of us environmentalists with addiction issues. Ceramic cup with silicone sipper lid from Decor Craft. I am predicting this will be a hot item in the coming year. And, in spite of it's post-modernism, I like the name. Tres Magritte.

I want one (Santa, ...if you're listening). Anyone know the New Zealand importer?

Via Fast Company

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