Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Light hearted

melting light bulb
More on the design front, this time from the Netherlands. Pieke Bergmans is a craftsperson. Her work is really interesting. This lamp has a wonderful sense of humour. I enjoy visual wit (you should find a copy of A Smile in the Mind).

"Pieke's work is spontaneous, playful and fresh. She aims to combine function, form and message in a single elegant gesture. Whether working with porcelain, plastic or glass, she always creates objects that are of a pure and natural beauty.
Diversity is one of her significant trademarks. She finds inspiration and opportunity in each industry and in every different material. In cooperation with factories, Pieke explores the possibilities of their production facilities, and manipulates them. The goal is to make 'personalized mass production' where irregularities are ruled in."

Via Kevin Roberts

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