Damn Your Eyes Robin Williams!....

I only know a few jokes. Or rather, there are only a few I know well enough to feel confident uttering in public. Usually I mask my lack of humour talent with an accent, I do a decent turn in Irish, can be convincing in an undefined eastern European (which may or may not be Latvian - I can neither confirm, not deny), which sometimes invades my Pakistani.

So, imagine my shock and outrage when I see Robin Williams stealing my joke and telling it badly and in the worst Scottish accent since Dick van Dyke did a cockney turn in Mary Poppins. Seriously, does he really not know that Bono is Irish?

For all that, a spot of light relief for New Year's Eve day (only let down by its lame end and some comedic larceny,... oh and the curious fact that it seems designed for an American audience on an English stage)


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