Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Anthony Hopkins - leviathon

I just saw this ad for Greenpeace on TV.

Let me reiterate my view on Japanese 'scientific' whaling (a term as logical as scientific pedophilia): whilst I admire Greenpeace and Sea Shepard's stance and action (moreso Sea Shepard), but I recommend a more no-nonsense approach to ending whaling - Grab the little shits by their economic nuts.

Here is what to do. Write to Toyota in your home town. Tell them you will not consider buying one of their vehicles, not even a Prius - especially not a Prius - until Toyota in Japan apply the burner to the whaling industry.

Why pick on Toyota? It's an old British marines technique, worked well in the Boxer rebellion (though the Poms were in the wrong) - bad guys assemble, even though you are heavily outnumbered you stand on the parapet and in your best David Niven accent say (no need to shout): "This crown disperses or we shoot the chap, front row in red silk pajama top and kungfu slippers...then we will shoot you - fella on second from the right, Rolling Stones Hot Licks tour T shirt..."

Sometimes the way to get the the point is to target the person with the most to lose.

Year of the Tiger, me - strategist and tactition.

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  1. Totally out of context, but my favourite David Niven line is from The Guns of Navarone, as he's putting on a stolen Nazi uniform: "Heil, everybody", delivered with such offhand aplomb. Man's a genius.


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