Why design is important

It is easy to imagine that the value of design is simply as part of the process of generating value through brands and user experiences for consumers.
It seems that the very idea of consuming is becoming something to be reconsidered in the context of, well, …survival really. Not just survival or marmosets of cute, fluffy dolphins. The survival of humans.

Green issues have become centre party political staples, rather than being marginal, slightly loony, end is nigh, sorts of things. Which could be either good news for the greens or a death knell as they become indistinguishable from other parties.

With the shift in attitudes it means that the role of designers is going to be dramatically changed and more important. The spectrum will range from choosing sustainable materials, inventing new solutions (including manufacturing) that consume fewer resources and create less waste. Designers will, in many cases lead the debate: is a project worth embarking upon? Questions of ethics will replace questionable ethics.

I''d like you to read an interesting blog on the subject from the UK. It is important - and worth it.


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