Mac Lovers - yeah we're different

I hope you will forgive the hybridisation of the award winning Adidas ad campaign 'Runners, yeah, we're different'.

I came across this via a random link and thought it was a nice embodiment of the Lovemark idea. I don't think PC users feel the emotional attachment to their brand of choice - though admittedly Sony Vaio users probably like their equipment.

Apple really does have an edge through its integration of interface and hardware. Many commentators believe Apple's choice to ringfence their MacOS consigned them to a bit-player in the world of computing. Perhaps; in volume terms. But great stories are not made by compliance and agreement - there must be a protagoniost and an antagonist. Someone who wants something and someone/something that wants to prevent that from happening. If Frodo and Sam had hopped on the number 9 bus to Mount Doom, tossed the ring into the fire, then had a refreshing pint at the Mordor Arms Inn it owuld have hardly been a gripping epic. Without the sceptics and naysayers I don't think I and other devotees of the Apple brand would have been so loyal - and I have to say that some of the kit I have shelled out a significant amount of cash for hasn't always been as well designed as it is today.

Sometimes love is blind.


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