Nostalgia is so retro

Do you ever go into the attic or garage to tidy up or make some space but find yourself distracted by your junk?

I have been going through some old digital files in an external hard drive to make some room for space hungry video. Came across some randomly named folders ('cleanup'-what kind of name is that?). I found a concept I had done for a carpet manufacturer - Cavalier Bremworth - that I never presented. Rather like it...feel free to use it if you have a carpet client (or maybe Birkenstock type shoes?).

A rejected image from my second (failed) marriage. In the immortal words of Jeff Goldblum in the first Jurassic Park movie - I am currently looking for the future-ex Mrs MacGregor... I can only imagine what I was saying - but it looks like fun.

And what looks like a doodle I did based on David's iconic image of The Little General crossing the St Bernard pass.

The text, for those of you who find my writing as difficult to read as I do says:
...first door on the left, turn right...don't forget to wash your hands...

It's the little things...


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