Reconstituted Spam and An Incovenient Truth

The daily deluge can now be put to good use. Actually I am not sure that this has any more use than its raw material but it is interesting; you enter the content of a spam email and the site reconstitutes it into a work of art. Jackson Pollock meets Spiragraph, meets the skies over Baghdad (Gulf War 1), they all drop a tab of acid and we watch the madness that follows.

It is a collaboration between a design firm and EnBW, one of Germany's industrial giants which is promoting its real-world recycling endeavors.

From a google search:

EnBW ('our name says it all'...ummm, ooookaaaaay...)

With some six million customers, EnBW Energie Baden-W├╝rttemberg AG with its headquarters in Karlsruhe is the third largest energy company in Germany. In 2006, EnBW generated annual revenue in excess of € 13 billion with more than 20,000 employees. Our core activities focus on the segments electricity, gas as well as energy and environmental services.

Can't help but wonder if the real inconvenient truth about global warming is that the asnwer is nuclear power - I first brought this up in mid 2005 after reading the eye-opening article in Wired Magazine


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