Whatever happened to...Jethro Tull

Ok, sad admission. When I was a kid I liked Jethro Tull. Maybe you've heard of them? Flutes, Olde Englishe sensibility, slightly potty. The singer (and flautist) would prance energetically around the stage in tights and codpiece (flauntist?). Well, I was looking for a Pussycat Dolls Clip (I had my reasons and they are not what you might think);YouTube threw up Pussy Willow and Jack in the Green played in concert in 1982.
I watched it and felt unusually glad that I had moved on (to Punk rock, as it happens).
Watching the Sex Pistols I had a similar feeling. Sometimes you just have to move on.

I didn't embed Pussy Willow, but Skating Away because, well, actually it's because I can't remember the last time a rock band included a glockenspiel riff in a live number. The vocal reverb at the then end must have been something special in 1977.

Had a coffee with Jason Kemp this morning, Jason is a regular contributor to the Idealog blog and one of life's big thinkers. We talked through a range of topics but I think it was blogging itself that was most interesting. I almost felt self conscious about riffing on pretty much whatever makes the short journey from ear to ear, but I realised that the point is simply that blogging is an opening for a conversation - feel free to jump in any time - or start your own blog. If you haven't got one yet make 5 minutes to do so - that is all it takes - here or at Wordpress or vox (or any one of dozens of free blogging sites)

So, what did happen to Jethro Tull?


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