Is your culture healthy?

Xplane has a great product. It produces illustrated explanations for complicated things. I first encountered their work in the 90s in Business 2.0 magazine. More recently I worked with a client whose business process was brilliant, but took two three hour sessions to explain. They had a chart cobbled together in PowerPoint (including those horrible little Microsoft clip art stick figures) which was unfathomable. I wanted Xplane to translate. Client wasn't sold - in part because a certain amount of obscuring suited them - their process was patented. The process of dealing with Xplane was one of the nicest, most professional contacts I have had in business - even though we did not proceed they were genuinely interested in helping the client and superb in their communication and follow up. Will I recommend them again? - in a flash.

Dave Gray, the founder of the company maintains an excellent blog. This diagram features. If you visit his flickr page it contains more explanation and information when you roll over the image.

The diagram illustrates - literally - the dual powers of simplicity and visual over verbal.


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