Sick of 'slick'

It's 11.28pm (now), from where I live I can hear sound of fireworks exploding over Auckland Harbour. Given that I recently moved from my apartment down on the water to a suburb a little further inland means that, given the speed of sound, it happened a little while ago.

The occasion was the departure of the Queen Mary 2. The biggest ocean liner in the world. It arrived this morning. A whistle stop tour of the world I guess?

But that's a distraction. The real purpose of this note is to honour Russell Davies. He's a top advertising planner in England (somewhere south of Scotland?). I saw the clip I've posted last year and thought it was the most courageous business decision I had ever encountered.

Russell chose to express his feelings for his wife in a forum where he knew full well that it would bleed into business life. In his blog he has recently expressed regret for having been so open. I understand his point of view but I also feel that his strength is that he is authentically himself.

Brand Russell Davies (and I am sorry if that is sounds crass) is a beacon for anyone with an interest in brands. He is who he is. And if you follow his blog or YouTube him you'll see he is an interesting person with thoughtful things to say. Not only is he highly regarded in his field but he is also (and this might sound a little weird...) the best sense of the word.

As a follower of his blog I empathised with his recent withdrawal from the fully integrated individual he was/is (work, family, life, world...).

I hate the idea that to be acceptable we have to homogenise.

"Don't be the best at what you do. Be the only one who does it." Jerry Garcia

I wish someone would make a Valentine's song for me and publish it without self consciousness for all to see. Even if it is goofy.

I'm sick of slick.


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