The mile high club

One of the curious aspects of blogging is the complete familiarity of it all. You are free to explore my innermost thoughts (or perhaps those that are more inner than the usual business outing) and yet, for the most part, I don't know who you are.

I assume more than the few people who have left comments are visiting because, tucked away in the bowels of the source code I have attached a counter that tells me how many people have visited, how many pages they have viewed and the duration of the visit. It makes an interesting snapshot and answers the bear in the woods question. However statistics are just that - numbers; aggregations. And I am quite pleased with the numbers. They are not large, but they are trending up (as they say). But it reminds me of the Bill Bryson story about a bad flight he took. When he describes it his friend asks who he flew with and he replies, “I don’t know, they were all complete strangers to me.”

So, you may have noticed that I have added some technological wizardry to make the experience more personable.

At the risk of sounding like a cabin crew member on Mr Bryson's flight: Have you seen this?...

On your right is a button that allows you to easily subscribe to an RSS feed. If you don't know what an RSS feed is then I suggest that you learn more here to increase your interweb pleasure. In essence:

"(You can) keep track of a large number of your favorite Web sites or blogs, without having to remember to check each site manually or clutter your email Inbox. You can now streamline your online experience by subscribing to specific content feeds and aggregating this information in one place to be read when you're ready."

The next feature is an email notification of new content. This might work if (and I have to confess this is me right now) you are still grappling with RSS and Feeds. You'll get a note letting you know there is new content. Now, I'd argue that is a better email to receive than an overdue notice from one's library, but I won't presuppose that you feel the same way. After all...I don't know who you are.

There is also the little survey from which I hope to receive 100 responses to determine if I need to modify the content or improve it in some way. I expect this will be the case.

And, finally, you can post comments that I will make publicly viewable (except if they are in extreme bad taste) and, of course, good old email.

I would remind you that this is a non-smoking blog and wish to thank you for travelling ThoughtSpurs...I know you have a choice.


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