Love is a many splendoured Ducati

Motorcycling is more important now than it ever has been. And not just to me. Though to me it is up there with an up there thing. I know, that's not a terribly mature thing to say, but I just can't think of anything that matters more to me than motorbikes. Not just any motorcycle though. I like the kind that idle slowly and make a thunka, thunka, thunka sound. In my riding life I have had a Triumph, a Norton, a BMW, a Sunbeam, a Ducati and a Vespa (I have left out the japanese bike - because it was a two stroke Yamaha racer and it didn't count), and left the Vespa in because it was a four stroke and make a thunka, thunka, thunka sound at idle - there may have been something wrong with it but we'll never know because it was killed by a Nissan Patrol...

Which brings me to my point. Here is the spectrum. Sustainable - Unsustainable. Ducati 600SS - NIssan Patrol.
The argument for motorcycles is completely sustainable.

  • They use little fuel
  • They use little space (how many parking buildings and associated resource consuming facilities are needed for cars and SUVs)
  • They are less wasteful - most car journeys are taken alone.
  • If there were more of them and concessions were made for using them (tax, ACC payments) the roads would be safer - most bike accidents are caused by car drivers - because there would be fewer cars.

But mostly they are more fun. The most fun I had was my Ducati.

If anyone knows of a nice Norton Commando...

Thunka, thunka, thunka...


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