Run Forest Run

Another serial curiosity from the web. This time for its oddity, rather than its artistic merit.

Actually the thing that separates the images of the running man from works of 'art' seems to be little more than the intention of the image maker. Though there is a narrative it is simple. Set the auto-timer on the camera for 2 seconds and see how far away you can get.

If there is rhyme or reason, it is not explained. Though, as human beings we seek explanation of things we regard as phenomena, or outside of usual patterns (our brains 'see' in patterns, we look for similarity or familiarity, so not only shapes by also previous experiences).

I suppose,the most difficult state for humans is to see a person running and accept that what we have seen is a person running; we need stories to make sense of the world: the person is running because he has committed a vile crime - why else would he be running without expensive athletic equipment?; he is running from an explosion; a tribe of bloodthirsty Mayans want to rip his heart out...The difference between these existential images and art is that there is no narrative other than the ones we create for ourselves.


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