The Line King

I like to draw. It is something I did almost continuously for most of my childhood and adolescence. Even now I make drawings and occasionally sell them as gift items on Trade Me. I followed a link back to a site that had linked to this blog and found a fascinating video from YouTube of the legendary cartoonist/illustrator Al Hirschfeld whose drawings featured in the New York Times theatre section from the 1928 until his death in 2002. He lived until the age of 99 and seems to have worked until near the end of his life. The Times has a retrospective gallery online that is certainly worth looking through. I found it inspiring.

I have a friend whose photography I admire. She keeps a log of her work and posts an image a day. The work is beautiful and though Karen is not a kiwi her vision of the country I have lived in for most of my 44 years is keener than mine ever has been. There is another daily artwork I enjoy: the talented and iconoclastic designer Stephan G Bucher who draws a monster a day. I try to visit regularly with both. Isn't the web a wonderful thing?

Al Hirschfeld Draws Paul Newman

This clip is a treasure. Watching the process unfold is riveting. Apparently the session lasted eight hours. Sensing the warmth of the relationship between the artist and his wife is heartwarming. She as caregiver and obvious admirer.

This clip comes from a documentary called The Line Kingwhich you can order from Amazon. I will.


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