I have principles

...and if you don't like those...I have others.

Here's an interesting fragment from Australian advertising consultancy The Principals. They have a monthly conceptual mailout called Moving Minds. It is one of the few newsletter type signups I don't regret agreeing to receive. It is always interesting. Always well executed and short. A bonus in the attention economy.

A few years ago the Mini production line in England was stopped each week so that every car worker could brainstorm new ideas. Each worker was asked to generate three small ideas a year. This resulted in 14,000 new ideas, 11,000 of which were implemented. Not bad. Except that over in Japan Toyota’s employee suggestion scheme generates 2,000,000 ideas a year of which around 85% are implemented.

As we’ve said before, the best way to have a good idea is to have car loads of them.

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