Alfresco with altitude

As ever, Simon Law in the UK has sniffed out something interesting for us. Dinner in the sky is a Belgian concept, to add to their other national triumphs - Tin Tin, Stella Artois and the colonisation of the Congo. What interest me about the concept is that it would be much better here than in Belgium. Frankly, hovering above a polluted European city to eat alfresco 100 feet about the traffic holds a somewhat limited appeal to me. In Queenstown, New Zealand or Waiheke Island or Ruapehu - Now you are talking! Great New Zealand food and wine, breathtaking scenery and at the end we could drop the line like a bungy for the adventure tourist.

I was driving my son, Taylor, home from golf yesterday and saw a camper van. I mentioned that I would like to tour the country in a bus. Then I made the connection with the movie Nearly Famous (cub reporter goes on tour with rock band, comes of age) and I thought of touring in a big luxury bus (RV?), then I thought why not fit out a fleet of super luxury buses and start a business for wealthy Americans and Europeans who want the freedom of the road but the comforts of home. Add in a network ot concierge services like great restaurants and greeting at certain venues...anyone got a spare 5 million? I'm sure it would be on-trend, an extension of the Flashpacker phenomenon (wealthy visitors who spend on experiences but not on hotel rooms, preferring modest rooms and hostels). I must remember to write these things down.

Check out the dining experience...


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