Holding hands

A little while ago I saw this ad for the curiously branded Bye motorcycle helmets on the badbanana blog. Interestng concept. Provocative and different. Not so good though. The fixation with dismembered hands is a curious trend. It strarted with 'Thing' in the Adams family (I think) and reach the zenith of weird creepiness with the New Zealand Yellow Pages campaign - which I find very nearly unwatchable.

I was reminded of the Bye ads by a post on a blog (which I am sorry but I have forgotten which one - sorry, I prefer to name my sources)about the viral promotion for a movie in Spanish called Pulse (check out the site - there are some creepy but fun things to do. This image from the poster made me think again about the helmet ads. There msut be some kind of Jungian archetype or dream analysis that inolves hands reaching out (just before you fall into space...)

Just interesting that these executional trends emerge.

Today I received a copy of the 07 D&AD annual to review. At first glance there is some sensationaln work in the book. I was relieved to locate the package. It had been sent to offices of HB Media - who publish Idealog.

My intial favourite thing is the light design 'lamp' by hironao tsuboi. Isn't that cool? I'm easily amused.


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