David Byrne's true True Stories

I've randomly encountered David Byrne before - he was hanging an exhibition of his photographs at a gallery in London in the mid 90s. The show hadn't opened. I was lugging a portfolio around doing the rounds of ad agencies in London and had some down time. Byrne was relaxed and friendly and was happy for me to look around.

His blog makes for interesting reading. He articulates his views on culture - from his first hand experience of it. I enjoy reading his comments on strangely mundane experiences - like riding his bicycle to 42nd Street in New York to catch a screening of Transformers the movie.

It reminds me of his movie True Stories - a curiously good natured flash of post-modernism that introduced the term sesquicentennial into the vernacular consciousness.

I especially enjoyed his observations after visiting the Philip Johnson Glass House in Connecticut. Worth a look. I've added it to my RSS reader and the permanent list on your right.

Link via Bad Banana


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