The glass is half full

I'm not sure that I really get this. Maybe there's nothing to get?

It's entertaining but I wonder if Cadbury might just as well troll YouTube for some amusing Gen C content, then apply a logo to the end.

It would be cheaper.

Actually I'm not even sure, on reflection, that it is a Cadbury ad - shouldn't it be a glass and half - i.e. cup runneth over?

There seems to be a movement in advertising towards an over emphasis on 'interesting'.

While I agree that interest is crucial (alternate term=relevant) it really should be followed by desire and some consequence. The usual model is:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Conviction
  • Action

It may be unfashionable but I do feel that at least persuading a willing consumer that they want to consume the product makes more sense than simply making interesting ditties.

I've always found 'That's interesting dear' to be the most dismissive thing you can say or be told.


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