The keys to the future

Designers hold the keys to the future.

At Massey University (where I teach) there is a brilliant transport design department. They are strong in marine design.

That makes sense.

There is a great deal of demand for New Zealand maritime products. We are probably the best in the world in many facets of this category.

What I struggle with is seeing kids learning how to render 'super cars' i.e. v12, v8 2 litre plus cars.

Guys. Get your head around sustainability.

I want to see much more emphasis on materials, motives (power and intention) .

Saw this on the web - The Aptera Hybrid/Electric

I like that it is a low cost solution <30k.>When you think of solutions for these issues I want you to think about the lowest cost for manufacture and consumption.

I want you also to think about the lowest cost to the place we all live.

Micro economics is the job of designers.

The job of creators is to enhance the quality of life - not to destroy it,



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