The Joy of Home Work

Well I can think of worse places to work. I have been enjoying the spring sun in the backyard while I plan global domination - of what I'm not sure yet - but who's to say?

What did we do before the Internet and wireless connection. Oh, that's right - sit at my desk in an office tower looking worried.

Let me take a moment to recommend a book to you. Just a little one. Its author Marty Neumeier calls it a 'whiteboard overview'. Zag - The number 1 stratgey of high-performance brands is brilliant. It may well be received wisdom but the presentation style is simple and delightful. Whether you are a seasoned hand/old pro or a beginner I recommend this book heartily. It follows on from The Brand Gap by the same author - bit, for some reason I perfer this one.

Order a copy from Amazon or Fishpond if you live in New Zealand.

On the subject of - my copy took a long time to arrive in the post. My queries to Amazon were handled efficiently and informatively. Just when I was about to file a claim with the NZ Post - lo and behold my books turned up. But it gave me an opportunity to experience world-class service first hand.


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